2019  Preparation of Guidance booklet for UNESCO on Preventing Violent Extremism in Schools: safeguarding mechanisms for learners identified as at risk. 

2018-2019 Consultancy with Club de Madrid on their Education for Shared Societies Initiative and report

2018         Evaluation of project Improving Outcomes for Muslim Prisoners (Her Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service)

2018          Preparation of Guidelines on Delivering Effective Testimonialsfor the Remembrance of Victims of  Terrorism (RVT) project, Radicalisation Awareness Network, Amsterdam

2017         Review of the 2008 Sri Lankan National Policy on Education for Social Cohesion and Peace (UNICEF funded)

2016         Evaluation of the Speak for Yourself youth empowerment programme (West Midlands Police)

2015         Evaluation of the GIZ supported programme Education for Peace and Social Cohesion In Sri Lanka

2014-5   Research project on the family background of former extremists in UK (EU funded)

2014 Consultancy to Ministry of Education, Afghanistan, to write modules on Gender and Rights for the new teacher education programme

2013 Consultancy to Bangladesh on Quality Education for Hardest to Reach Children (EuropeAid)

2012 Consultancy to Ministry of Education, Afghanistan, to work on school development and school shuras.

2012 Member of team conducting evaluation of curriculum reform in Turkey (World Bank funded)

2012 Commission by GIZ to produce a synthesis report on education and fragility, in Afghanistan, DRC, Guatemala, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka

2011 Comsultancy to Ministry of Education, Afghanistan, to work on capacity development

2011 Commission by Save The Children to produce a synthesis of evaluations of SC programmes in Afghanistan, Angola, Nepal and Southern Sudan

2010-11 Commission by OSCEODIHR to produce Guidelines for Teachers on Countering Anti-Muslim Racism

2010/11: Consultancy to GIZ to conduct an evaluation of their programme in Sri Lanka on Education for Social Cohesion

2010: Commission by INEE to produce a synthesis paper on Education and Fragility in Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cambodia and Liiberia

2010: Consultancy to UNESCO to write thinkpiece on Education and Conflict in preparation for the EFFA Global Monitoring Report 2011

2009: Commission by UNICEF to produce a briefing paper on A Human Rights Based Approach to Roma Education for use in Central and Eastern Europe

2009: Commission by ETF/GTZ to produce a briefing paper on Capacity Development in Education in Fragile contexts

2008: Advisory work with DFID and FCO and presentations at Wilton Park International Seminars on radicalisation and violent extremism; Islamicisation; and Best practices in fragile and conflict affected states.

2008: Consultancy with GTZ to produce a Guide for Monitoring and Evaluation of programmes on Learning to Live Together

2007: Consultancy with Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka, to develop a National Policy on Social Cohesion and Peace Education (GTZ supported)

2006: Advisory work with Solomon Islands School of Education (on gender, social studies, conflict), as part of 3 years Upgrading of teacher education project (funded New Zealand Aid)

2006-7: Research consultancy on a Base line study of primary education in post-conflict Angola (Education Action International)

2004-5: Research consultancy to conduct a survey of Teacher Motivation in Egypt (USAID funded)

2004-7: Member of Expert Panel for UNESCO/IBE on Monitoring the Impact of Peace Education

2004: Advising on establishment and accreditation of British University in Dubai Institute of Education

2003: Writing of curriculum for the new College for International Citizenship in areas of peace, violence and conflict

2002: Management training for education officials from UNRWA in UK and in Jordan on areas of performance management and education in conflict and crisis

2001: Consultant to EC/TAER Education Reform Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina, advising on curriculum harmonisation

2000: Research Consultancy for DFID to evaluate the impact of their support to the Decentralisation of the Malawi education system

2000: Consultant to Ministry of Education, Palestine, on the integration of gender into policy and planning (part of DFID project). Two visits, to conduct workshops and write materials and guidelines on gender and planning.

1999- Consultant to British Council on Citizenship Education and Human Rights Education; member of working party

1999- Consultant to British Council on Education in Kosovo

1998- DFID funded project to upgrade the Ministry of Education in Peru; working visits to Peru in 1998 and 1999, working on the organisation and culture of the Ministry, decentralisation and on school effectiveness

1997- Consultant to British Council as Senior Adviser, on a) the work of UNESCO; b) parental participation in schools; c) educational reform and school effectiveness

1997: Facilitator for workshop on Women in Higher Education Management for Sri Lanka University Grants Commission, Colombo

1996: Facilitator for First Southern Africa Regional six-week short course on Gender and Development held at University of Botswana

1995: Consultant to ODA INSTEPP In-service project in Uganda, on a base-line study on research methodology to be used by the Inspectorate

1995: Consultant to UNDP/Government of Zimbabwe project on Performance Management, researching the work of regional Education Officers

1995: Consultant to University of Sana’a, Yemen, to assist in the establishment of their M.Ed programme

1994: Consultant to Secondary Education Reform Programme in Pakistan, conducting Study 14: Restructuring Secondary and Intermediate Education (World Bank/British Council)

1994: Consultancy to British Council on Guidelines for Good Governance in Education

1993: Consultant to Women and Primary Education programme in Pakistan; seminar on “Equity and Pluralism” to SDEDP, Karachi

1992: Consultant to ERNESA (Educational Research Network in Eastern and Southern Africa) regional meeting in Cape Town, on integration and qualitative research methods

1988-1991: Working visits to University of Botswana to establish Women’s Studies Programme, consolidate the link programme, give public lectures on equity and run workshops on Gender and Education

1991: Consultancy to University of Sierra Leone to advise on their Women in Development work