Authored Books

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Davies, L (2014) Unsafe Gods, Security Secularism and schooling Stoke-on-Trent IOEPress/Trentham books

Davies, L (2008) Educating against extremism Stoke-on-Trent Trentham books

Davies,L. Harber, C and Schweisfurth, M (2005) Democratic Professional Development: a Guidebook for supervisors and inspectors of education Centre for International Education and Research, Birmingham

Davies, L (2004) Conflict and Education: Complexity and Chaos London: Routledge. Awarded Society of Education Studies best book award for 2004.

Davies, L, Harber, C and Schweisfurth, M (2002) Democracy Through Teacher Education: A Guidebook for use with student teachers Centre for International Education and Research, Birmingham

Davies, L and Kirkpatrick, G (2000) The EURIDEM Project: A Review of Pupil Democracy in Europe London: Children”s Rights Alliance

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Davies, L (1994) Beyond Authoritarian School Management: The Challenge for Transparency Education Now 86pp

Davies, L and Gunawardena, C (1992) Women and Men in Educational Management: An International Inquiry IIEP Paris 134pp

Davies, L (1990) Equity and Efficiency? School Management in an International Context Falmer Press 232pp

Davies, L (1984) Pupil Power: Deviance and Gender in School Falmer Press 212pp

Edited Book Collections and Monographs

Davies, L (2017)   The Power of a Transitional Justice Approach to Education.  Studies on Education and Transitional Justice, New York: International Centre for Transitional Justice

Davies, L (2016) Lessons for a new policy in a post conflict context: Review of the 2008 Sri Lankan national policy on peace and social cohesion (UNICEF funded)

Davies, L (2015) (with Gross)The Contested Role of Education in Conflict and Fragility (Sense)

Gross, Z, Davies, L and Daab, K (2013) Gender, Religion and Education in a chaotic postmodern world Diordrecht: Springer

Davies, L and Talbot, C (2008) Teaching and Learning in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies Comparative Education Special Edition

Davies, L et al (2004) Researching Civil Renewal (Scoping papers for the Home Office Civil Renewal Unit), University of Birmingham

Davies, L, Harber, C and Schweisfurth, M (2002) Democracy and Authoritarianism in Education Comparative Education Special Edition

Davies, L Schweisfurth, M and Harber C (eds) (2002) Learning Democracy and Citizenship: International Experiences Oxford: Symposium

Davies L, (2000) Citizenship Education and Human Rights Education: Key Concepts and Debates London: British Council

Davies,L (2000) Citizenship Education and Human Rights Education: An International Overview London: British Council

Davies, L (1998) Global Goals and Own-Goals in Education Birmingham: Development Education Centre

Davies, L (ed) (1997) Democratic Discipline, Democratic Lives: Educating Citizens for a Changing World Conference Collection, Birmingham: Institute for Democracy in Education

Davies, L & Osler, A (eds) (1994) Teacher Education and Equal Rights Ed.Review/ Carfax

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Davies, L, Williams, J & Cocking C (1988) Words or Deeds? Equal Opportunities Policies in Higher Education London: Commission for Racial Equality

Davies, L & Oram, R (eds) (1988) Education and National Development: Emergent Realities Ed. Review/Carfax

Articles in Refereed Journals

(2017) Justice-sensitive education: the implications of transitional justice mechanisms for teaching and learning Comparative Education

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Chapters in edited collections

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(2012) Promoting Education in Countries affected by Fragility and/or Conflict Synthesis of case studies of German Development Cooperation. GIZ (Afghanistan, DRC, Guinea, Guatemala, Sierra Leone and Sri Lanka)

(2011) Global Evaluation synthesis of work in Afghanistan, Angola, Nepal and Southern Sudan Save The Children

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